Credits and Acknowledgments

This online adaptation of the original Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory by Lorraine M. Zinn, Ph.D., was developed by Paul Kellermann for EDUC 605 - The Adult Learner, at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Fall 2001, Lin Muilenburg, Instructor.

My goal for this project was to provide a tool to allow ISD students to take the PAEI easily over the Web and have their scores calculated for them. Students may take the PAEI periodically and compare previous results if they wish.

I would like to thank Lin and my classmates in EDUC 605 Fall 2001 for a rewarding semester. I would also like to thank my wife, Trish, for putting up with my ramblings of database lingo and SQL statements.

If you find a bug or have any questions, please contact me.

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